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How does the Plab Doctors app work?

How does the Plab Doctors App Work?

One-Day Plab 1 Crash Course - 25th September, 2021.

For the Plab examination, practice really does make perfect. What's really worthwhile, however, is having access to the information that you need in order to practice for your exam effectively. We wanted to put your Plab practice right into your pocket, so that you can practice for your Plab exams wherever you go. You can take practice tests on Plab 1 questions. You can watch theory videos to explain concepts that you may not understand. You can even ask our Medical Educators (practising UK doctors themselves) any questions you may have about the exam. Happy studying!

IELTS Medical London is a training centre for healthcare professionals based in London, United Kingdom. We have supported many doctors through the Plab exam with the majority passing on their first attempt. We hope to do the same for you too.



Introducing Plab 1 Courses

For doctors studying for the Plab 1 exam, we bring you the Plab 1 One Day Crash Course. This LIVE event, connects you to our Medical Education team in London, United Kingdom for 8 hours as we bring you a course covering the full range of the PLAB exam and live discussion of PLAB MCQs. It’s the perfect way to kick off your studies, as you power through to the big day. Missed the LIVE PLAB event? No problem. Catch-up with the recorded versions of all of the PLAB 1 topics via your ready made PLAB 1 ZONE. Featuring MCQs delivered to you like the real PLAB 1 exam, as well as access to tips and study boosters to help you ace your exams.

From your phone, you can choose to attend live or access recorded version

  •   Accident and Emergency
  •   Haematology
  •   Cardiovascular System
  •   Dermatology
  •   Allergy and Immunology
  •   Infectious Diseases
  •   ENT
  •   Ophthalmology
  •   GI and H tract
  •   Endocrinology, metabolism and diabetes
  •   Central Nervous System
  •   Orthopaedics
  •   Psychiatry
  •   Respiratory
  •   Renal System
  •   Paediatrics
  •   Geriatrics
  •   General Surgery and Pre-op Management
  •   Anatomy and basic sciences
  •   Obs and Gynae



Only 30 doctors can join us LIVE in London and only 80 doctors can join us ONLINE Worldwide.

Early bird 5% discount for the first 10 registrations.

One-Day Plab 1 Crash Course Online or In-Person

  • Does not include HELP ME vouchers
£193.97 One Time

Five-Day Plab 1 Preparation Course In-Person

  • Includes 3 HELP ME vouchers
£675.75 One Time

PLAB 1 Flex (5 sessions / 5 hours)

  • Includes 10 HELP ME vouchers
£407.00 One Time

Get ready... It's PLAB 2

NEXT PLAB 2 COURSE STARTS 01st January, 1970

In-Person PLAB 2 Courses

Our PLAB 2 courses cover all 16 scenarios, including a mock consultation or an acute ward.

What does the course cover?

We prepare you to demonstrate your competency to handle everything a UK trained doctor can expect to see on the first day of their Foundation Year 2. This includes the ability to apply your existing knowledge to care of your patients.

What does the course include?

We provide you with 10 days of in-person or online lectures to cover the following:

Data gathering, technical and assessment skills History taking, physical examination, practical procedures, investigations leading to a diagnosis
Clinical management skills Formulating a diagnosis, giving clear explanations to your patient formulating a management plan
Interpersonal skills Building rapport with the patient, using open and closed questioning, involving the patient and demonstrating your professionalism and understanding of ethical principles

What about the mock exam?

In our state-of-the-art Central London PLAB Training Centre, each room is a one of the 16 stations you need to complete. There are also 2 rest stations. Outside each room is patient information and inside the room is a trained actor to play your patient.
You will then need to complete your scenario against the clock.

During your mock exam, you may be required to interact with a live actor or a simulated patient. In some rooms, you will find a telephone or video call station where the call is connected before you enter the room.

In the physical examination stations, you will be assessed on your ability to conduct a physical examination on a mannikin. These include - but are not limited to - examination of the adbomen, breast, chest, hand, heart, joints, rectum or a bimanual vaginal examination.

You will be assessed on your ability to perform common practical procedures.
These practical skills may include:
  • checking blood pressure
  • performing venepuncture
  • inserting a cannula into a peripheral vein
  • calculating drug dosage
  • giving intravenous injections
  • mixing and injecting drugs into an intravenous bag
  • giving intramuscular and subcutaneous injections
  • basic cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (adult and child)
  • suturing
  • interpreting an electrocardiogram (ECG), X-rays or results of other investigations
  • interpreting basic respiratory function tests
  • performing urinary catheterisation
  • taking a cervical smear
  • Safe disposal of sharps
Throughout your mock exam, you will be provided with feedback about your interpersonal and communication skills in a range of scenarios and settings. We'll be looking out for your ability to:
  • explaining diagnosis, investigation and treatment
  • involving the patient in the decision-making
  • communicating with relatives
  • communicating with health care professionals
  • breaking bad news
  • seeking informed consent/clarification for an invasive procedure or obtaining consent for a post-mortem
  • dealing with anxious patients or relatives
  • giving instructions on discharge from hospital
  • giving advice on lifestyle, health promotion or risk factors.

In-person (5-day) course only

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In-person (5-day) course plus full mock exam

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All Inclusive Package Online & in-person blended course accommodation & travel

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Communication and Consultation Skills Workshop

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In-person address: Winchester House,259-269 Old Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5RA, United Kingdom.

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We advise that you allow at least one week between the course and your exam in order for you to ask any questions that you have of your trainers and for you to practice.
Yes you can. If you have booked a 4 or 5 day course, you can schedule your 4th and/or 5th days closer to your exam and request a mock exam on this day. Doctors who have done this have found this very helpful. If you have taken a 3-day course with us, we offer a second mock exam as an additional service. You can request this by calling (02036376722) or emailing the Doctors Support Team.
Yes, you can book accommodation through us (private, self catering accommodation) or there are plenty of budget hotels around the corner from the Centre on Sussex Gardens.
We provide light refreshments during the course and there's a kitchen (including: fridge & microwave) right next to the training room. We're just off Edgware Road, so there's plenty of food places that are just minutes walk from the Centre.
Yes - parking that is minutes away from the centre costs £12.50 a day.
Yes it's true*
* Terms and Conditions apply :)
Yes, it is. This is a BRAND NEW service for 2021. At your request, we can record your PLAB mock exam and provide it to you on a disc, in the cloud or on your phone. Ask your Doctor's Team about this service.
Yes! We're delighted to welcome our trained live PLAB actors back onto our courses. You will be obtaining their observations in person and live, just like in the real exam.